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Saint Albans, New York is a middle class area of Queens.  African Americans migrated from the segregated South and a large majority moved to places in New York such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in search of better opportunities.   Saint Albans is now  an enclave of mostly African-American and Caribbean American people.  The neighborhood is relatively quiet and peaceful, although in the summertime you can smell the smoke of charcoal burning and hot dogs cooking while families have cook-outs.   You can also hear the sounds of  Caribbean and American music playing in the midnight air.

Rap Songs that mention Saint Albans:

 “My Rhyme Ain’t Done” by LL Cool J

LL Cool J Hosting the 2012 Grammy Awards

“I searched for other ways, made love in caves
And I kicked the ill beats that make the natives
raise Now I’m gonna tell you what all this means
From Farmers Boulevard in St. Albans, Queens
There’s a lyrical technician who came to play
Number one b-boy  LLCOOL J
All of this is just a story that I made up
Def lines I say on time with Cut Creator’s cuts
Some of it’s fiction, and some of it’s fact
Not another common rap with a heavy drum track. A whole lotta rhymes, and I wrote every one That story is over, and my rhyme IS DONE

Read more about rap pioneer LL Cool J’s influence on Rap on the  Notable Former Residents page
Also, check out the Lollipop Jewelry Line owned by LL Cool J’s wife Simone Smith. 10% of proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

“Check the Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest

Saint Albans natives, A Tribe Called Quest

“Back in the days on the boulevard of Linden
We used to kick routines and presence
was fittin’ It was I, The Abstract And me,
the five footer I kicks the mad style so step off the frankfurter
Yo, Phife, you remember that routine That we used to make spiffy like
Mr. Clean? Um, um, a tidbit, um, a smidgen I don’t get the message
So you gots to run the pigeon”

Top 6 Saint Albans Cook-Out Records:
1.Thank You
2.You Know How To Love Me
3.Never Too Much
4.Before I Let Go
5.Aint No Stopping Us Now

Within this Saint Albans Queens website is information regarding:                               The History of Saint Albans, eateries, architecture, some attractions, shopping and directions to Saint Albans, New York.

This Joint is Jumpin!

Watch and listen, while the  comes to life on the Sounds of Saint Albans page.

With songs such as, “God Bless the Child” by Billy Holiday and “My Favorite Things” performed by John Coltrane.  Also hear the dance tunes from James Brown, “I Feel Good, I Got You” and LL Cool J’s, “I’m Bad.” Enjoy the mellow sounds of the classic Lena Horne track, “Stormy Weather.” Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra tell us why the “Lady is a Tramp.”

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